My Kneejerk Reaction to Friendfeed.

42C9D211-95C2-43CE-AD90-FA5481F65696.jpg Lots of folks are blogging about Friendfeed today.

While I do see that there could be a niche for a feed/update/sharing aggregator, this just feels a tad overwhelming. It's a bit like being in a room full of people where there are hundreds of conversations going on, and I can't pay attention to just one.

As a professional, I need something that's easier on the eyes, more compact. Not a long list of things that I have to sort through. This just doesn't do it for me. In its current state, it feels a bit like TMI (too much information). Maybe it's not for me, per se. Maybe it's more for students and kids. Time will tell.

With that said, it does have potential. Perhaps an open API, or some clever uses of its RSS feeds could make this more useful. It just seems like a collector right now. What I think it needs is to get smart. I'd want it to prioritize my closest friends' feeds for me. Show me the ones that are most important. Learn from my clicks.

Those are my two cents.


  1. Exactly.
    The interface is meant to be robust, but just seems cluttered. Fine if you’re just following a small handful of people (perhaps) but the for most of us it will just feel like an issue of the New Yorker: lots of stuff you’d like to read but know you’ll never actually have time for.