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Facebook’s External Ad Network is Around the Corner.

As gigaom reports, Facebook’s external ad network is coming. Read all about it here.

I’ve been saying this was inevitable since (before) 2010, as the stars have been aligning for this to happen for quite some time.

From my 2010 post:

It seems to be an inevitability that all of this intelligence will one day soon be applied to power a socially-targeted ad network as big (or bigger than) Google’s AdSense. It would be a network that would theoretically deliver even better results for advertisers, resulting in higher CPMs/CPCs/CP-whatevers that can deliver higher payouts to publishers, making a choice between the two platforms a not-too difficult one for those publishers.

For everyone that bought into Facebook stock, this is a very big reason to believe.

Is This The Beginning of Facebook’s Google-Killer?

Facebook Users’ Data Can Now Be Used To Serve Ads Outside Facebook.

This is a really big deal.

Facebook’s terms and policies were updated on Friday to allow them to use users’ data to serve them ads while they are on websites outside of Facebook.

TechCrunch notes that Facebook currently helps Zynga serve ads on their sites. But this is the biggest privacy policy change yet.

If you’re a conspiracy theorist like me that believes that it is only a matter of time before Facebook unleashes an ad network (like I’ve speculated many times before, such as just last week in Ad Age) then you just got more fuel for your fire.


And to clarify, as my friend (and former Googler) Ari Paparo states:


One Big Reason Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate Apple’s iAd: Twitter.

In today’s WSJ, there’s a story about Apple’s compromises in the mobile ad space, as they face legitimate competition from other players/networks.

This is true. But for a conspiracy theorist like me, I see one advantage that can be played against any of their competitors, should they choose to unlock it.

In iOS5, Twitter integration becomes part of the core iOS experience. If you have a Twitter account, it can be associated with your device. Which means, in theory, it can be associated with your Apple ID. Your Apple ID is the unique identifier (along with your device ID) that Apple can use to track downloads and app behavior. What if you married app usage data with the content you post and/or consume in your Twitter stream? What if you also married that to what you do on sites that you log into with your Twitter ID?

Add mobile payment data and you may have the most targeted advertising ever.

Mobile advertising is still in its infancy. Everything we use to target now is a proxy for what we should be using. But if you want to know where it’s going, you can start by extrapolating like I just did.

Watch My Panel on The Self-Serve Revolution @ MIXX.

Curious as to what I said on my panel on the future of self-service and automation in online media?

Consider your curiosity a think of the past. This is actually an interesting topic, that could make for an interesting debate — not just a panel.

Here's the panel, in it's entirety. Agree with my points? Disagree? Let me know in the comments…