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How To Search For Twitter Usernames Directly From Chrome.

It’s been bugging me for months. I wanted a better, easier way to search for people’s Twitter usernames directly from the Chrome omnibox, without using a Google search.

Welp, I finally figured it out.

Step 1: Right-click on the Chrome omnibox and select “and select “Edit Search Engines…” (or go to Preferences > Manage Search Engines).

Step 2: In the “Other Search Engines” section fill in “Twitter User” in the “Add a new search engine” field, “@” in the “Keyword” field, and “” in the “URL with %s” in place” field. Click “Done”.


Step 3: Start searching. Simply type “@” with a space after it, and your omnibox will turn into a Twitter User search box.

Step 4: Profit.

Reality Mining

MIT's Technology Review just published it's list of 10 Emerging Technologies for 2008. The one piece that resonated with me is Sandy Pentland's exploration into Reality Mining especially in relation to social networking, new media and interactive.

Reality mining "is all about paying attention to patterns in life and using that information to help [with] things like setting privacy patterns, sharing things with people, notifying people