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A Google+ Hangout: Social Media’s Impact on Storytelling.

Today I was part of a roundtable discussion about social media’s impact on storytelling with brilliant social media strategist Rohit Bargava, the amazingly talented musician Daria Musk, founder of Future of StoryTelling Charles Melcher, and storytelling expert (she wrote the book) Annette Simmons. Watch above and be sure to attend the Future of StoryTelling event in NY on October 3, 2013.

God Damit!

Why You Shouldn’t Freak Out Over Instagram’s New Terms Of Use.

God Damit!This happens every time.

Social platform changes its terms of use to enable it to serve ads on its platform.

People freak out. Threaten to quit. Write manifestos.

People forget.

People go back to normal.

That’s because every time it happens, it’s not as big of a deal as people make it out to be.

Instagram just changed their terms of use, and especially because it’s a photo-centric service, people are freaking out that their photos might get sold without their permission. I just don’t think that’s what this is all about.

Here’s a caveat: I’m not a lawyer. But what I’m getting from all of this is that the common thread with all platforms that make a change like this is this: The granting of a “non-exclusive license”, which is meant to give a social platform the right to hold your content on their servers, and then serve it to other people — in accordance with your privacy preferences, of course. It’s a form of “temporary ownership” or “temporary transference of rights” that Instagram legally needs to serve something you created.

Not to sell your photos.

Rather, they want to use your use of their (free) service to sell ads that will be seen by the right “you”s.

The quote from this Lifehacker piece in 2010 is pretty spot on: “if you’re not paying for something, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold”. It’s YOU. Not your photos.

Instagram is selling you. Ironically, people seem to be more ok with that.

So while, yes, the legalese could probably technically be interpreted to grant Instagram the right to sell your stuff directly, my hunch is that just as Facebook did, they will issue a clarifying statement.

Facebook’s External Ad Network is Around the Corner.

As gigaom reports, Facebook’s external ad network is coming. Read all about it here.

I’ve been saying this was inevitable since (before) 2010, as the stars have been aligning for this to happen for quite some time.

From my 2010 post:

It seems to be an inevitability that all of this intelligence will one day soon be applied to power a socially-targeted ad network as big (or bigger than) Google’s AdSense. It would be a network that would theoretically deliver even better results for advertisers, resulting in higher CPMs/CPCs/CP-whatevers that can deliver higher payouts to publishers, making a choice between the two platforms a not-too difficult one for those publishers.

For everyone that bought into Facebook stock, this is a very big reason to believe.

Some Initial Thoughts on Airtime.

A little conversation about Airtime and (missed?) Twitter Potential

Storified by Ian Schafer · Tue, Jun 05 2012 17:18:30

I would actually rather Airtime with someone who is tweeting about something I just tweeted about. #instanttalkshowIan Schafer
@ischafer So kinda like a hangout;-)David Weiner
Seriously. An instant video chat with people debating & discussing a topic is much more interesting and relevant.Ian Schafer
@ischafer Yes. I was thinking that this morning. . . I’d imagine a Twitter sync is only a matter of time, right?MikeMoffo
But alas, Sean Parker is not as vested in Twitter as he is Facebook.Ian Schafer
@ischafer powerful point you are making there. That Sean is missing the boat by doubling down on FB-model over Twitter model.Andrew A. Rosen
@ischafer Nice idea.It could use @Klout API to ID relevant topics, and invite you to a "show" when you tweet about those topicsRyan Drumwright
@ischafer The nice thing about using @Klout is it should help you identify thoughtleaders ppl would want to listen to. #Conference2.0Ryan Drumwright

SocialCam? More Like SocialSpam.

I’ve been in digital marketing for a long time. About as long as you can be, really. I’ve seen a lot.

There is a special “hall of shame” that should exist for products that have tried to force their way into people’s lives. Products like Gator. X10. About 50% of antivirus software. Self-installing toolbars.

I’d like to nominate SocialCam (not even linking to them) as the latest entrant into the those not so hallowed halls.

They have abused Facebook’s Open Graph (shame on Facebook for letting them) to frictionlessly broadcast videos to newsfeeds everywhere. They have been scraping YouTube videos to place into their player because most users’ content isn’t interesting enough to share. Most engagement with SocialCam is potentially embarrassing for the engager.

If they don’t change something soon, it’s likely going to end very badly for them.

Take this as a lesson, and a suggestion. As a user, be vigilant when you grant apps permission to publish on your behalf. as a marketer, you are who you associate with.

**UPDATE** Looks like Facebook just implemented the crackdown. Read it on TechCrunch.

The One Where I Analyze Salesforce’s Acquisition of Buddy Media.

My latest piece in Advertising Age can be read here.

Here’s an excerpt:

As Peter Kafka at AllThingsD reports, CRM and cloud computing company will be acquiring social media management tool company Buddy Media. Just last week, CRM, cloud, and database company, Oracle, acquired Vitrue, one of Buddy Media’s chief competitors.

You should care about this because the last two weeks could very well be the catharsis that advocates of true social CRM have been waiting for – or at least the beginning of it. Vitrue and Buddy Media (full disclosure: my agency, Deep Focus has been a client of both) have offered successful social marketing suites for quite some time, and many brands choose their tools to power the social modules on their Facebook (and other platform) pages, and report on their effectiveness. Now that they are both parts of huge (huge!) companies, they have access to resources that could exponentially grow their businesses and the results they deliver to their clients.

Read the rest here.

Is This The Beginning of Facebook’s Google-Killer?

Facebook Users’ Data Can Now Be Used To Serve Ads Outside Facebook.

This is a really big deal.

Facebook’s terms and policies were updated on Friday to allow them to use users’ data to serve them ads while they are on websites outside of Facebook.

TechCrunch notes that Facebook currently helps Zynga serve ads on their sites. But this is the biggest privacy policy change yet.

If you’re a conspiracy theorist like me that believes that it is only a matter of time before Facebook unleashes an ad network (like I’ve speculated many times before, such as just last week in Ad Age) then you just got more fuel for your fire.


And to clarify, as my friend (and former Googler) Ari Paparo states: