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A Google+ Hangout: Social Media’s Impact on Storytelling.

Today I was part of a roundtable discussion about social media’s impact on storytelling with brilliant social media strategist Rohit Bargava, the amazingly talented musician Daria Musk, founder of Future of StoryTelling Charles Melcher, and storytelling expert (she wrote the book) Annette Simmons. Watch above and be sure to attend the Future of StoryTelling event in NY on October 3, 2013.

Jimmy Fallon. Facilitator of Creativity and Sharing.

This is something you have to see. My observations:

1) The best thing about Jimmy Fallon is that he gives The Roots opportunities to make make magic like this happen.
2) I am genuinely surprised by how good Mariah Carey sounds here.
3) The Roots make great music from instruments you would find in any first-grade classroom.
4) I don’t find Jimmy Fallon as funny as I find him creative and a great facilitator of other peoples’ creativity, and someone who is acutely aware of what people want to share.

Bravo, Jimmy.

Reality Check: Why There Is No Instagram For Video.

Every week, there’s a new buzz around an app that is purported to be the “Instagram for Video”.

It was Socialcam, Viddy, and several others in the past. Today it’s Ptch.

But I can confidently say that there is no “Instagram for Video”.

And for anyone over the age of 16, there may never be.

The main reason is that our brains care more about candid still moments than candid moving moments.

Think about it. If you go to a friend’s house and they have a wedding album on the coffee table, you’re likely to open it up and start a conversation about the people, the wedding, the couple, or anything else that it might inspire.

But say that same friend asked you to watch their wedding, or vacation video. Even just clips from the wedding or vacation. That’s not wistful reminiscence. That’s torture. Because we all know that vacation (or any amateur) videos (unless directed by Ridley Scott) are probably going to be boring. And we all know that the video you’re sharing with us on the next “Instagram for Video” is probably going to suck.

Celebrities may dominate these new apps, and spam may be used to distribute them, but the “Instagram For Video” is a MacGuffin, and probably not happening any time soon.

But if it does, I’ll revisit this post :)

The One Where I Analyze Salesforce’s Acquisition of Buddy Media.

My latest piece in Advertising Age can be read here.

Here’s an excerpt:

As Peter Kafka at AllThingsD reports, CRM and cloud computing company will be acquiring social media management tool company Buddy Media. Just last week, CRM, cloud, and database company, Oracle, acquired Vitrue, one of Buddy Media’s chief competitors.

You should care about this because the last two weeks could very well be the catharsis that advocates of true social CRM have been waiting for – or at least the beginning of it. Vitrue and Buddy Media (full disclosure: my agency, Deep Focus has been a client of both) have offered successful social marketing suites for quite some time, and many brands choose their tools to power the social modules on their Facebook (and other platform) pages, and report on their effectiveness. Now that they are both parts of huge (huge!) companies, they have access to resources that could exponentially grow their businesses and the results they deliver to their clients.

Read the rest here.

“Fake Verified” Twitter Accounts Are Fake.

Been seeing this a bunch lately.

Pretty sure the same person is behind this fake Instagram account, too:


Has anyone else seen any others?

UPDATE: so apparently the globe icon is real and denotes a “translator” account. But it seems that this is being abused here. These are not translating accounts. They are transmitting content in the name of the accounts they are obviously trying to get mistaken for.