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Jimmy Fallon. Facilitator of Creativity and Sharing.

This is something you have to see. My observations:

1) The best thing about Jimmy Fallon is that he gives The Roots opportunities to make make magic like this happen.
2) I am genuinely surprised by how good Mariah Carey sounds here.
3) The Roots make great music from instruments you would find in any first-grade classroom.
4) I don’t find Jimmy Fallon as funny as I find him creative and a great facilitator of other peoples’ creativity, and someone who is acutely aware of what people want to share.

Bravo, Jimmy.

TV vs. Social Media: Concerts vs. Street Performances?

NYC's Naked Cowboy

Unfinished thought:

Television advertising is a concert. Every TV spot is a performance seen synchronously by thousands or millions at a time. Marketers love putting on that show. Each and every time. It’s sexy. People remember it. But they leave.

Marketing within social media is street performance. Street performers perform for the same number of people as concerts do. It’s just asynchronous: they reach thousands or millions, too, but not at the same time. It’s not¬†as sexy for an advertiser, nor does it have as much immediate impact on those large numbers of people, in aggregate. But people interact with those performers over time. They gather in crowds. The performers gradually learn how to work within and make the most of their environments. The crowds take pictures. Stories are shared. The performers become fixtures. They get discovered. It’s serendipitous, and it can be wonderful. And when you’re really committed, they become legend. Naked Cowboy-style.

Both deserve a proper (significant) investment. But I’d rather have the stuff of legend (legends are stories that grow), than the one-off memory that fades. If you can make them work together, you have a media empire, and can tell the story of how it was the people, your audience, your customers that made it all possible — versus just your ad spend.

Deep Media, Transmedia, and The Art of Immersion.

book.jpgHop on over to Henry Jenkins’ blog for an in-depth interview with the legendary Frank Rose, about his book The Art of Immersion: How the Digital Generation Is Remaking Hollywood, Madison Avenue and the Way We Tell Stories.

I’m absolutely honored to be mentioned in Frank’s book, a book about the ways storytelling is getting more complex, more enveloping, more immersive.

A little bit about Frank Rose:

Frank Rose is the author of The Art of Immersion: How the Digital Genera-tion is Remaking Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and the Way We Tell Stories, to be published in February 2011 by W.W. Norton, and a contributing editor at Wired, where he has written extensively about media and entertainment. Before joining Wired in 1999, he worked as a contributing writer at Fortune and as a contributing editor at Esquire and at Travel + Leisure. He is also the author of The Agency, an unauthorized history of the oldest and at one time most successful talent agency in Hollywood, and West of Eden, a 1989 best-seller about the ouster of Steve Jobs from Apple, now available in an updated edition.

The book, and Henry Jenkins’ interview, is a great introduction to Alternate Reality Games, gamification, and multiplatform storytelling. There is a ton in there to get you started on thinking about how you can live up to the now higher expectations of your audiences.

Read Part 1 of the interview here.

Read Part 2 of the interview here.

Video From THE CONVERSATION: Attracting Audiences Through Social Media

Here’s the full video of me and awesome panelists Arin Crumley (FOUR EYED MONSTERS), Jason Spingarn-Koff (LIFE 2.0), Ryan Werner (IFC), and Nina Paley (SITA SINGS THE BLUES) at Scott Kirsner’s THE CONVERSATION conference back in March here in NYC.

ConvoNYC – Attracting Audiences Through Social Media – Part 1 of 3 from Scott Kirsner on Vimeo.

ConvoNYC – Attracting Audiences Through Social Media – Part 3 of 3 from Scott Kirsner on Vimeo.

Hear/See Me Talk About Location Based Services on BlogTalkRadio and BBC World News.

Thanks to MediaBistro and AgencySpy for letting me talk about the advertising and marketing opportunities that Location-Based Services (like Foursquare, and Gowalla) are bringing to light, and for the opportunity to tell the world a little bit more about GEOFocus, our location-based marketing practice.

Check out coverage of the piece (and hear it, if you’d like) at AgencySpy here.
Or, you could just grab a listen right here:

Thanks also to BBC World News America for having me in their segment on Foursquare (along with one of their founders, Dennis Crowley) which you can watch here (I wish I could embed it).

All the Super Bowl Commercials. Right Here.

Thanks to the fine folks at Forbes for assembling all the Super Bowl commercials in one player. I choose not to watch before the game. But if you like spoilers, here you go:

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