The SoDA 2010 Digital Marketing Outlook

Deep Focus is a member of the Society of Digital Agencies, a non-profit association dedicated to advancing the industry through best practices, education and advocacy. The global association is currently comprised of 41 well-regarded Digital agencies with members located across Australia, Canada, Eastern and Western Europe, Mexico, South America, and the United States.

We all got together and assembled what we affectionately call The SoDA 2010 Digital Marketing Outlook.

On behalf of Deep Focus, I contributed a segment on how social media is affecting content consumption.

2010 will be the year that social media-fueled technology and behavior is responsible for more content consumption choices than ever before. As the media landscape becomes increasingly fragmented, marketers will need to become more nimble than ever, and start getting on the leading edge of trends, as opposed to waiting for them to emerge.

There are several great contributions from our friends at Big Spaceship, AgencyNet, and Schematic, so I strongly suggest that if you read one piece of forward-looking thinking on the new year, that this be it. It’s the best I’ve read, and I’m proud of my fellow SoDA members for their brilliant insights.

Check it out:

Two Thousand and Ten Digital Marketing Outlook

Sports Coming to Game Consoles. Is The Dawn of Post-Cable Nigh?

91D563BD-179A-4DFE-9F7B-CD66409C4167.jpgPeople have been talking about weaning off of cable in favor of web video for quite some time now. With options like Boxee, gaming consoles, and TV Everywhere, you can almost smell this kind of trend on the horizon.

But many people, like me, can’t quit cold turkey because of one thing: sports.

Well, it seems that that wall is starting to come down too.

According to Brian Stelter (New York Times):

The content ambitions do not end there. Microsoft has held in-depth talks with the Walt Disney Company about a programming deal with ESPN, according to people close to the talks, who requested anonymity because the talks were intended to be private.
For a per-subscriber fee, ESPN could provide live streams of sporting events, similar to the ones available through ESPN 360, a service that is available from some high-speed Internet providers. Microsoft could also create some interactive games in association with ESPN, the people said. One of the people said the deal was not imminent. The companies declined to comment.

Could it be? Are cableco’s becoming nothing more than high-speed ISPs? Is that why Comcast bought NBC (to own content)? Stay tuned. We’re on the cusp of some pretty heavy media evolution.

Thanks to Silicon Alley Insider for pointing me to the NYT story.

Should Conan Use This Opportunity to Go Dual-Screen?

363A76E7-EF55-4A95-BD2F-EAE45F0FA36F.jpgSo Conan is leaving NBC. That’s putting it lightly.

Nick Bilton over at the NYT Bits Blog speculates on what it might mean for Conan to go to the Internet instead of taking a deal at another broadcast network.

There is no way that is going to happen. As Michael Learmonth of Ad Age just tweeted, “Right, and trade $12m a year for $2k an episode”. But is it an either or scenario?

But the fact is that Conan is in the driver’s seat. What if he used his next TV deal as an opportunity to change the web video landscape? What if there was a clause to his next contract that funded a significant amount of original online content that he could use his TV show to promote? Imagine all the Paleforce episodes that could be created. All the Triumph amd Pimpbot 2000 skits you could imagine (if NBC lets him retain that IP).

By giving the network the contractual obligation to fund online content, they would not only be in a position to have to put significant sales resources behind it, but they would also need to innovate to make it worth their while. Big companies don’t typically change the way they do things unless they’re forced to.

Think about it, Conan. You’ve got leverage here. Use it wisely and go down in history as the one that broke the silos. You could nearly double the size of your audience (~2mm on TV) on a daily basis with a move like this (and the right distribution), command additional dollars from advertisers, and offer valuable opportunities for your audiences to engage — not just “view”. More viewers, more engagement, more impressions, more premium inventory. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Do it, and you can count on me being on Team Coco for life.

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  • Doug Scott, President, OgilvyEntertainment
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  • Want to Work at Deep Focus?

    310238CC-7F1A-497F-B854-FCFEDA175E71.jpgAs we get all of our job listings consolidated, I thought I’d jump the gun and let you know that Deep Focus is hiring! We’re currently looking for:

  • Art Directors

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    This post will be updated with a link with actual job postings when available.

  • All The “Social Media Bubble” Videos, In One Place.

    A few months back, I had an intimate conversation about social media with my friends Noah Brier, Brian Morrissey, and Alan Wolk.

    It got split up into a three part series, and now, here they are in all their Vimeo glory. Share your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you. If you like them, heck, I’ll do more of them. Big thanks to Alan for pulling these together. And thanks to the Hive Awards for distributing them.

    Have You Twitter(red)?

    Our friends over at Product(RED) have launched an effort across several social media platforms that aim to have a sea of red wash over the web to raise awareness of World AIDS Day.

    One of my favorite integrations is what happens on Twitter when you type in the hashtag #red. This is something that Twitter has enabled (no, you can’t do it on your own with any color — or brand), and here’s what it looks like:


    Click here to learn more about Product(RED)’s other efforts, and click here to follow our (RED) client, Bugaboo, on Twitter.

    Now Available: My First Appearance On The BeanCast.

    2541A52E-DF2F-4D43-A710-CDD909EC2BB8.jpgIf you want to hear me, the inimitable Joe Jaffe, the unforgettableAngela Natividad, and fellow AdAge Digital Next blogger Kelly Eidson wax philosophical about Black Friday, Tweeting deals, The new Aol., and dried meat crowdsourcing, than this week’s episode of the legendary marketing podcast, The BeanCast, is for you.




    by Ian Schafer